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Pokémon: Silver Version Review: Reliving My Childhood

*Header courtesy of Nintendo* On Friday, Nintendo rereleased the original Pokémon: Silver Version and Pokémon: Gold Version on the 3DS’ Virtual Console. When asked to review the second generation, I immediately said yes. After all, it’s not like I needed an excuse to beat these titles for the 38th time. Developed by Game Freak, and originally releasing in 1999, Silver

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Injustice 2 Review: An Intense Superhero Beat-down

*Header image courtesy of NetherRealm Studios* In 2013, NetherRealm Studios released Injustice: Gods Among Us, allowing comic book fans to finally answer the age-old question of who would win in a fight: Batman or Superman? Not only that, Injustice excelled at delivering fast-paced, fluid encounters, solidifying the title as an excellent addition to an already expansive genre. Four-years-later, Injustice 2

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For Honor Review: Practice Makes Perfect

*Header image courtesy of Ubisoft* My Warden patiently waits on the decrepit wooden bridge for his opponent. Suddenly, a Berserker charges, angrily swinging his axe to the right. My Warden predicts the strike, effortlessly blocking the blow before performing an overhead swing, causing the once bloodthirsty savage to collapse in a cloud of dust. With “For Honor,” patience and precision

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Overwatch Review: “Heroes Never Die!”

*Header image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment* “30 seconds remaining,” a female robotic voice warns. With only mere meters away from its final destination, the attacking team needs to give the payload one final push. Yet, with a heavily fortified position, the defending team is all but victorious. That is until Zarya unleashes her ultimate ability, Graviton Surge, pulling every defender

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Dark Souls III Review: Dying Has Never been So Enjoyable

*Header image courtesy of FromSoftware* The grotesque monster approaches, each footstep shaking the very ground beneath its deformed feet. With only a sliver of health left, my knight stands ready-raising his shield to not only protect his body, but also to calm his nerves. Yet, his efforts are pointless. Within seconds, the knight falls to the ground, his armor clashing,

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