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Let’s Go Lose Another Fan

*Header image courtesy of The Pokémon Company* On May 29, The Pokémon Company held a surprise press conference, unveiling new information regarding Nintendo Switch titles. Junichi Masuda discussed news pertaining to the latest core Pokémon entry, revealing a 2019 release window, as well as its appeal to longtime fans. Yet, the Internet entered into a hyped frenzy when Pokémon: Let’s

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Thank you, Microsoft

*Disclaimer: I participated in the testing phase of this device* It’s a great time to be a disabled gamer. Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled to the public the Xbox Adaptive Controller, a unique piece of technology that allows gamers to FULLY customize button layouts and positions. This controller was built solely for the disabled. So, why am I telling you about Microsoft’s latest

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The Video Game Scapegoat

*Header image courtesy of CNN* Last Wednesday, high school students and faculty members became the victims of yet another mass shooting, this time in Parkland, Florida. A 19-year-old gunman ended the lives of 17 innocent people with a modified AR-15 rifle. As is tradition in the wake of these tragedies, politicians and self-proclaimed denizens of social media began to search

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The Negatives Of Overwatch League

*Header image courtesy of the Overwatch League* In Nov. 2016, mere months after its release, Blizzard Entertainment announced that the objective-based shooter, Overwatch, would enter into the esports scene. Dubbed the Overwatch League, 12 teams from across the world will compete in a series of matches, hoping to secure a win in the championship. Overwatch’s admittance into esports will certainly

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Dear Nintendo

*Header image courtesy of alexdiepie98* Nintendo, I think it’s time that you and I had a little chat. I’ve been a devoted fan throughout my entire gaming life. I’ve purchased every system (including the egregiously inaccessible Wii), knowing that your vast array of titles will keep me entertained. But, your recent inabilities to accommodate disabled players has left me sick

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Giving Disabled Gamers A Voice

*Header image courtesy of Ian Hamilton’s Twitter: @ianhamilton_* I pride myself on being a gamer. Despite my physical limitations, I have yet to let my disease prevent me from partaking in my favorite hobby. My consoles, handhelds and computer provide gateways to hundreds of realms, where none of my avatars have been diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy type II. However,

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