My Top Five Games of E3 2017

*Header image courtesy of ESA*

Every year, developers and journalists alike flock to the Electronic Entertainment Expo, where new titles are revealed to the masses. This year’s E3 did not disappoint, with each press conference revealing games which made my wallet weep. Since there are too many games to discuss, here are my top five picks for E3 2017.

#5: Assassin’s Creed Origins

Now, here me out. I used to love this franchise. Running across rooftops during the Third Crusade, and then later the Renaissance, was a blast. Yet, as the series evolved, in gameplay, mechanics and settings, I became disinterested. When the Animus delivered us to the American Revolution, the French Revolution and Victorian England, entries no longer felt like an Assassin’s Creed game, but rather a pathetic excuse for a documentary that could be found on the History channel.

For Assassin’s Creed Origins, ancient Egypt has so much to offer in terms of interesting characters, a unique setting and a compelling story. As someone who studies classical civilizations, I cannot wait to see how Ubisoft recreates the landscape of ancient Egypt, especially since our knowledge of the time period is limited to archaeological discoveries.

Plus, the shot of Bayek sliding down one of the pristine pyramids looked incredible.

#4: Star Wars Battlefront II

When Star Wars Battlefront released two-years-ago, I expected Electronic Arts to revitalize this excellent series. Besides the beautiful scenery, however, Battlefront offered a shallow and repetitive experience. The weapons felt bland, a lack of levels resulted in few memorable moments and the decision to forgo a story mode was inexcusable.

With Star Wars Battlefront II, Electronic Arts stated during their press conference that they heard fans loud and clear. The prequel trilogy, along with their respective characters, settings and aesthetics have been added, classes now offer players a reason to utilize different weapons and we finally have a story mode. If Star Wars Battlefront II is an apology, then it is a pretty darn good one.

#3: Monster Hunter: World

I’ll admit, my time with the Monster Hunter franchise has been brief. In fact, my first foray into the series was seven years ago with Monster Hunter Tri for the Nintendo Wii. The constant grinding for better gear, coupled with slaying leviathan-like beasts created an immensely satisfying game. So much so, that I even purchased the “upgraded” title for the Nintendo Wii U, where I sunk countless hours into creating the perfect Hunter.

Monster Hunter: World promises an expansive, seamless open-world experience, the likes of which have never been done for this franchise. Since my physical limitations have prevented me from enjoying the recent handheld iterations, I cannot wait to once again vanquish monsters with my friends, this time on my PS4.

#2: Kingdom Hearts 3

Technically speaking, this game wasn’t revealed during this year’s E3. But, we did receive a new gameplay trailer, which explored a brand-new zone, as well as showcased some of the combat mechanics.

This means that Kingdom Hearts 3 is still in development, and that there’s still hope.

#1: Metroid Prime 4

It has been YEARS since Nintendo released a proper Metroid Prime game. In fact, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption came out 10-years-ago. To make matters worse, I was never able to play the third entry due to my disease (the Nintendo Wii was NOT disabled-friendly).

This means that my last experience with a Metroid Prime game occurred in 2004, with Metroid Prime 2: Echoes!

My track record with Nintendo consoles has been less than perfect as of late. While it’s still too early to tell if I can even play the game, the fact that it exists is enough cause for celebration.

Despite this list, there are still many more games that piqued my interest during E3. Destiny 2, Deep Rock Galactic and Kirby, just to name a few, looked outstanding. As this year’s E3 comes to a close, I can do nothing but sit and wait patiently for these titles to hit store shelves.


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