Monthly Archives: July 2016

My Personal Struggles with Pokémon GO

*Header image courtesy of Niantic, Inc.* It’s no secret that I absolutely adore Pokémon. For over 17 years, I’ve sunk countless hours into every game, traveling across varying regions, capturing hundreds of powerful beasts and collecting every gym badge. With the announcement of Pokémon branching into the mobile market, I was ecstatic to embark on a brand-new adventure. Developed by

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Overwatch Review: “Heroes Never Die!”

*Header image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment* “30 seconds remaining,” a female robotic voice warns. With only mere meters away from its final destination, the attacking team needs to give the payload one final push. Yet, with a heavily fortified position, the defending team is all but victorious. That is until Zarya unleashes her ultimate ability, Graviton Surge, pulling every defender

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The Positives and Negatives of Microsoft’s Newest Avatar Additions

*Header images courtesy of Mike Ybarra’s Twitter* Earlier this week, Microsoft’s Program Management Director, Mike Ybarra, unveiled two Xbox Live avatar models sitting in wheelchairs. According to a report from, wheelchairs have been in development for quite some time. “One fan reached out on Twitter last week to inquire if wheelchairs would ever be a possibility for avatar customization,”

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