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Dark Souls III Review: Dying Has Never been So Enjoyable

*Header image courtesy of FromSoftware* The grotesque monster approaches, each footstep shaking the very ground beneath its deformed feet. With only a sliver of health left, my knight stands ready-raising his shield to not only protect his body, but also to calm his nerves. Yet, his efforts are pointless. Within seconds, the knight falls to the ground, his armor clashing,

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Pokken Tournament Review: A Dream Come True

*Header image courtesy of Bandai Namco* As a young child, the battles within the Pokemon television shows always fascinated me. While I thoroughly enjoyed the traditional turn-based combat in the games, the intense and fast-paced action was captivating. I would wonder as to why the games couldn’t treat duels in a similar manner. With “Pokken Tournament,” the awe-inspiring confrontations are

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